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Sun, Sep. 11th, 2005, 05:35 pm
tareque: If it will make her hush...

I'm telling this mostly to avoid my mun poking me anymore about doing so. It has been getting rather annoying. -_-

Anyhow, lj cut practiced...just because.

I was born elf, residing in Tir'Nall...quite along time ago, when the elven numbers were still only in the double digits.

Elves born with significant amounts of magic. It does not have to be taught and developed. Even still, I studied and researched, questing to learn and gain the skill of magic as much as I could. I aged and slowly began taking interest in black magic. It was something new and the concept of it intrigued me in ways I can't explain. I developed a new goal - the quest for gain of immortality by magical measures. Not given or granted, but developed by craft. I suppose this became my goal so I could gain more knowledge for eternity.

While doing this, I searched and found a theory of placing my soul on the spirit plane so it would be held there and preserved. I attempted this action for years, until finally one day I succeeded. Though, the result wasn't what I had expected. Every bit of 'life' within me died, and I became the first liche of our realm.

It was incredibly disappointing, as in my eyes its made me no better than a soulless walking corpse. The astral is an odd place with strange means, and as it holds my soul there, I know that it will until I find the result of the reason I placed it there in the first place until the darkness envelopes it and shades me to nothing more than a wraith.

I don't know why others have decided to play at this fate as well, or why anyone in their right mind would long to become a wraith. Is it also the quest for a cheap escape to immortality that they want? Who knows... because it's the farthest thing from immortality I can see.